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[17 Sep 2010|08:00pm]
Today I was hit with the realization that I'm nowhere close to what I thought I had. I've slowly been getting to this, but today after reading tweets, the truth just exploded upon me. I'm a bit numb from it, but at the same time the past few months as texts began to become less and less I was prepared for it. Or at least right now I think I am. Next week will be a year since my last two Fall Out Boy shows and since I finally came clean about how I felt. It seems fitting somehow that a year later I am realizing that it's just a friendship.

One night and one more time. Thanks for the memories.
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[16 Jun 2010|08:49pm]

I'm trying to do this, because I'm bored and hey that's a decent amount of money to be making! My twitter name is @nametags. If you're over 21, please nominate me!
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This was also posted on my tumblr, sorry if you're seeing this twice [16 Sep 2009|12:39pm]
I'm growing really sick and tired of the disrespectful nature that has become the "normal" behavior of people my age when it comes to musicians. I want to place part of the blame on twitter (or most social networking sites really) and it giving the illusion that these people are suddenly your friend that you can be irreverent to whenever the mood strikes. They're people, just like you. Get with the program. I know I make jokes, and I certainly tweet celebrities I follow in some odd hope they'll RT or reply to me, but I'm not foolish enough to be offended when they can't or don't. Just because they're accessible doesn't mean you have the right to ask them about their personal lives or even demand that someone join in on this part of pop culture which is slowly turning into some sick destruction of the fourth wall. It's not right, and it's not okay. Try using that brain of yours and putting yourselves in their shoes. How would you feel if a stranger was asking you about YOUR sex life or demanding you groom yourself a certain way?

And when it comes to bands and tours? They try really hard to go everywhere. Wanna know why they can't? Money. If money wasn't an issue, you bet your sweet ass they would travel ALL OVER the world to see all of their fans. Hell, if their own health didn't play a factor? They would do nothing but tour and record. They live for the art and to entertain. It isn't right how so many people are just never ending succubi of demand, not understanding that musicians are humans first and what they are doing isn't going on for infinity. Can you just at a drop of a hat create something worth while to be put into the world? Can you do it consistently? How about something you're actually proud of and want to share? That's what I thought. This constant ignorance to the fact that these people try their hardest to make their fans who most - if not all - of the time don't even deserve a fraction of what they're getting is getting old for me, and I'm one of the fans!

I think this just all comes from witnessing people on twitter trying to demand bands to go to THEIR corner of the world like they aren't currently trying or asking inappropriate questions to someone's spouse and then wondering why the person who actually is in the spotlight doesn't want to take part in such a vile website. I know at times I contradict myself, but I can take a step back and see when I've stepped over a line. I get it that these people are humans and not some robot created for my entertainment. I get that you have to give them space when you're meeting them and you don't scream in their face for them to come to you like they're your pet. I make jokes in public forums with friends, but they're just that - jokes. If I ever felt as if they were truly going too far, I would promptly stop. But I'm just me, and like the bands I love I can't shake the morons until they get it.
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something for ontd [02 Aug 2008|06:15pm]
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video [17 Jul 2008|05:18pm]
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